Monday, July 19, 2010


Welcome to my blog!! My name is Miranda. I am a stay at home mom, a wife, and a crafter at heart. I recently found the inspiration to start a small crafting business and this will be the link between my ideas and my shop.

You can expect to see a variety of different entry topics on this blog, including; new items in the "store", craft tutorials, random daily thoughts, blogs about my family, and entries on my favorite planning.

I hope anyone who reads this will find something inspiring withing my entries. Of course, this is my first entry so don't get too excited yet :-)

NOW a brief BIO and what got me started:
I am 25 years old. I had my son 13 months ago (July 2009) and it has completely changed my life. I had been working two retail jobs and needed a change so after much deliberation my husband Nathan and I decided that I should take some time off to become a stay at home mom. The decision has not been easy as income is quite tight, but that is what led to the creation of HART OF STONE.

June 25th Nate and I celebrated our wedding. As my photographer Kristen said it was very "etsy". I did most of the decorating myself, created the invitations by hand, and down to the last detail planned everything almost single-handedly. I learned how to create unique crafts and what's more, learned how to google for just about anything on the internet. If it's been written about, sold or blogged I have probably seen it. I hope to get up some DIY craft projects from my wedding as well as a few pictures in the coming weeks. The fact that I could create so much stuff for my own wedding led me to believe that I could create art for other people to use on their special day, or anywhere really.

My craft persona is yet to be defined. I love all things "country chic". I love using gingham and burlap, and antiqued woods for projects. Nothing beats a good crackle paint LOL. I am trying to create everything from wooden plaques to covered vases, to fake mustaches!! I have also taken on the challenge of learning to create beautiful tulle tutus and hair clips. Needless to say I've spent a good deal of time at my local Jo-Ann store finding fabric and tools.

Now all that's left is to create, and sell!! I hope you all join me on this journey as a stay at home mom becomes a stay at home crafting business entrepreneur (okay let's start small, just a stay at home crafter HA HA)

Stay tuned!!

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