Friday, July 23, 2010

Date night, or late night?

I love my son with all my heart, but let's face it... once you have a child it becomes that much harder to find time to spend alone with your significant husband. My husband and I live about 6 hours away from both respective sets of parents, and have no family in the area. We aren't really the "go and meet the neighbors" kind so we are basically stuck without a babysitter most of the time. Finding a time to call "ours" in this situation becomes extremely difficult. So I would like to present some options for couples in similar situations.

My husband and I make sure every night that we watch jeopardy together. We get to show off our lack of knowledge, but we always joke that together we would make the best contestant. It's nothing special but it's a half hour where he and I are always together no matter what.

Here are some other ideas for couples to enjoy themselves even when a babysitter isn't available....

clear out the living room and enjoy any of the following:

picnic dinner on the floor:

a friendly Wii competition:

A nice slow dance, or any dance
(here's a song list for you)

You could Always try a nice bath together (assuming unlike us you can both fit in the bathtub)

There are quite a few games out there you could try:

And finally, I found this online, and it would be the perfect addition to any chilly night together (a snuggie with four arms... yikes!!!)

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