Monday, November 8, 2010

Wow it's been a while

I haven't written in over a month. can you tell blogging isn't my career? LOL.

Anyway, I've been so busy learning the ins and outs of couponing, and getting ready for Christmas and Thanksgiving that i've hardly had time to think let alone write thoughts down. I do hope to share a lot of fun Christmas ideas here soon, as well as some thrifty stuff. And another wedding theme or two... so stay tuned.

For now though I'm writing about a great giveaway happening over at Moms Need to Know.
She (and 11 other blogs) are giving away and entire Veggie Tales DVD set. This is valued at over $400, and they are such great DVD's. If you are interested in trying to win head on over here to sign up!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

PICABOO 20 page Photo Album Deal

Reminder: This is good from October 15th – 25th!
Oh wow!  Picaboo is running their Free Photo Book Promotion again!

New customers can get a Free Classic Custom Photo Book ($40 value)! Just pay shipping.
Use coupon code FALLBK at checkout!

**I just ordered a "scrapbook" style album with my son's first year in pictures, I can't wait to set it out for our guests to see.**

Hear what some of our readers have to say:
“This will make a great Christmas gift for my mom. I’ve been doing family genealogy for the past two years and I have enough information and pictures to make a family tree book. Yay!!”
“Shipping is $8.99, but the quality of the books are amazing.”
There were a ton of positive comments on Facebook the last time Picaboo ran this offer. This really is an offer you don’t want to pass up! Another way to get an amazing gift for a great price!
Thanks, Bargain Blessings

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The best day ever!!

do you ever get in a slump and need some cheering up? Does anything ever take you by surprise and just enlighten your whole day or week??

I often times get in a rut and find very little can cheer me up. Usuaully a smile from the little man and a nice evening with the hubs will help but if you've ever been in a deep rut you know what I mean.

And today just seemed to be one of those days where you know someone's looking out for you.

I woke up late this morning (grandma took care of the baby and let me sleep in). We went out to lunch where he behaved perfectly (NEVER happens). Then came target where I scored some major free taster's choice coffee singles!!!! Then off to Wegmans where we got ingredients for tuna Noodle casserole which is my favorite.
While we were at Wegmans a friend of mine texted to let me know that i was the lucky winner of one of the Silhouette Giveaways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**Thanks to amanda over at Crafts By amanda i now get to play around with the greatest craft toy ever!!!! (well when it ships that is).

Later at Wegmans we were checking out and I looked back to see an old friend who I hadn't seen since high school graduation. He'd been away for college and then overseas for some time and all of a sudden we were in the same check out line. How amazing!!!

I think today has lifted my spirits in a huge way, just the kind of day I needed, and that i needed to blog about!!!!

how have your weeks been turning out/ the weather is sulky here but it can't shake my mood!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Night of Hope for Breast Cancer

Sutter Home wine is sponsoring something amazing... Night of Hope!! And if you "like" their Facebook Page you can sign up to receive a Night of Hope kit for FREE.

Though it does not include actual wine it does include some pretty great items to have a wonderful girl's night in with the most special women in your lives. The kit includes:
Sutter Home for Hope pink Chico Bag
Pink ribbon bracelets
Pink corkscrew
Wine tasting skirts
Recipes and more

I am a huge supporter of Breast Cancer research. I plan to get a group together by next year to do the Susan G 3-day walk (this is another "what would I do if I could not fail"). I usually end up buying out wal-mart's supply of merchandise come October, and why??? No reason. I just feel passionately about it.

and here's even better news. If you GO HERE, you can add a "twibbon" to either twitter or facebook which puts a small wine label in the corner of your profile picture and they will Donate $1 to breast cancer research (no purchasing anything, no signing up, just allowing them usage of your profile picture)!!!!!!!

Just saw another thing on their site. If you buy any Sutter Home (I thought it was just their White Zinfindel) you can send in your capsule from the top of the bottle in and they will donate $1 for every capsule sent in!!!!

So sign up to Receive the kit on facebook (I WILL ALSO BE DOING A GIVEAWAY FOR ONE), buy a bottle of White Zin and gather up your closest gal pals and enjoy a night of fun together, and watch Beaches because is there any great chick flick??

Simple Dessert/ Blog Hop/ Great CVS deal

Tonight I made the easiest and most delicious dessert. I call it zebra cake, i know it has other names though. It takes about 10 minutes to make, and about 4-6 hours to chill.
what you need:
1 tsp vanilla extract
8oz heavy whipping cream (near coffee creamer)
1 package 9 oz of famous chocolate wafer cookies (near the oreos usually)

-mix the cream and vanilla in a bowl until it has the consistency of whipped cream.
-Layer the cream onto the cookies, some use a spoon, my mom and I always dipped our fingers in and got super messy. You want a good amount on each cookie.
-layer the cookies in a log shape (exactly how they come in the box but now with cream). You can do this on a plate or you can use a bread pan as I do.
-cover entire log with remaining cream
-if desired sprinkle chocolate shavings or cookie crumbs over top of the log (i never have)
-chill for 4-6 hours. It's served cold so it doesn't matter how long you keep it in but you want the wafers to get soft


some of you may or may not know but I have recently fallen in love with CVS and RiteAid.
This week there are no special deals or great savings to get excited over but one that isn't half bad.

oral bvitatlity 200x200 CVS: Free Oral B Vitality Toothbrush ($23 Value)

Look for the The P&G Insert in this Sundays paper which also includes the CVS weekly ad showing ECB’s for this product. You can get a Oral-B Vitality Toothbrush for FREE starting on Sunday!

Here’s How To Work Your MoJo:

$23.00 Oral-B Vitality Toothbrush
- 10.00 with $10.00/1 Oral-B Vitality Toothbrush 09/26/2010 P&G Insert (exp 10/31/10)
- 13.00 ECB (use on future purchase)
= $ 0.00 or FREE after coupon and ECB

and since the limit on this is 2 – you can run the deal twice and end up with two Free Oral-B Toothbrushes!! Just use your $13.00 ECB and another $10.00 coupon on your second transaction and get 2 for FREE plus you’ll have the other $13 ECB from the 2nd transaction to use on future purchases!!

Thanks to MojoSavings


Just linked in to another friend finder blog hop. This looks pretty good, lots of entries!!
Smart and Trendy Moms

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Mantra for business and life

As I was chowing down on an entire bag of Dove Milk Chocolates, I read every single quote typed up on the foil.

Little thoughts, and mantras that women have submitted to the company that inspire them. Usually I think they are cheesy and very "fortune cookie" but one I read today made me really think.

"What would you do if you could not fail?"

WOW. It got me to think how many things in life we hold back from doing because we are afraid of failure and rejection. Everything from taking our first steps as infants to asking our crush out, to pushing a new idea to a business partner. Everything we do involves making choices and from what I witness it has become so very easy to take the less challenging road and stick with what we know.
"We fear change"

I know personally, I have let fear lead my life. I never asked for a raise or promotion at work because I was happy and complacent with where I was at. In my business I'm finding myself struggling to network and market because I am afraid that people will see me as a goof.

If I could do anything and not fail it would be something along the lines of saying hello to every single person in a busy place; mall, airport, college lecture even.

SO... what would you do if you could not fail?? I would love to hear what you are holding back from doing, or have held back from doing in the past due to a "fear" of failure or rejection.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Uses for household items

Just picked up the new October issue of All You Magazine. If you haven't read or purchased this magazine you really are missing out. It's perfect for money saving ideas, decorating tips, fashion trends, as well as so many delicious recipes.

I found an article in there about using items you may already have in your house for cleaning up, which will slash your budget for all those pricey cleansers. (I am addicted to trying new cleaning agents, I purchase every new item on the market in hopes something will be a miracle cure... more to follow about greased lightning)...anyway,

Here's their short list:

BAKING SODA (roughly $1 for 16 oz)
-Deodorize Carpets - Sprinkle with baking soda, leave overnight, then vacuum in the morning. (normal carpet freshening powder can run $4 a canister)
- Get Rid of Grime - Put a little baking soda on a sponge to wipe down your bathroom sink and tub. (cost of lime away $3.69, and scrubbing bubbles spray $5.00)
-Freshen Laundry - Add 1/4 cup to the rinse cycle
- "Give your dishwasher a fresh scent. Run the wash cycle for 30 seconds, then pour 1 cup of baking soda into the base. Let stand overnight, then restart."

WHITE VINEGAR (roughly $1 for 16 ounces)
-Prevent mildew - Wipe your fridge with a 50-50 water-vinegar solution.
- Brighten whites - Add 1/2 cup to the rinse cycle
- Make them sparkle - Clean windows with a 50-50 water-winegar solution (average bottle of Windex is $4.00)

LEMON (roughly $1 for 2 lemons)
-Purify your microwave - Warm a heat resistant bowl filled with water and a few slices of lemon for 30 seconds.
-Remove stains - Apply juice to white and colorfast garments, then let dry in the sun