Sunday, July 25, 2010

One Hot Diaper Bag

I want to start Reviewing products and the first thing that came to mind was our new diaper bag from California Innovations.

Unfortunately from what I am finding this diaper bag is no longer available (online at least) which is upsetting.

The bag retailed for $49.99 at Babies R' US - we bought ours about three months ago at 50% off for $24.99!!!! What a deal!

Our main reason for buying a new bag was that our old one had been stained and it was a little too girly for my husband who is usually the one carrying it (plus we have a son).

-Side Pockets:
- Insulated pocket - a lined pocket which is perfect for storing bottles in a controlled temperature. We usually have cold milk and it keeps the bottles cold for a much longer time than if we stored it in a normal pocket
- Zip pocket with a mesh pouch for holding smaller items. There is also an attached carribineer clip on a key ring which can be remove. We don't use this but it would be good for a pacifier, or keys.

-Front zip pocket
- Has a flap which close via (wait for it) MAGNET!!!! The magnet flap opens to reveal a clear ID style window
- The pocket itself has a small space for random items (we keep the graham crackers here) and the pocket for your personal ID

-Back Velcro Pocket - good for papers, or flat items (we use it to house doctor information)


-MAGNETIC FLAP!!! - that's right!! this is the only bag I've seen (there may be many others) that closes with a magnetic strap. It also has a zipper closure underneath which keeps items in their place but the top flap flips over and secures itself with very minimal work. even when we pack the bag full, it's always seems to close. there is a magnet on both the left and right sides of the flap which gives it extra security and it is so much quieter than Velcro.

-Pockets- both sides of the cavernous bag have pockets. two per side. the back side pockets are a netting stretchy material which is great for baby food jars, toys, or more bottles. The front side pockets are a thin plastic material. The pockets offer more room than we can find stuff to fill them with


-Changing pad

-the pad is normal thickness, but it has some nice features. It folds into quarters and has a Velcro strap that keeps it closed. Attached to the sides of the pad are two Ziploc style plastic pockets. I keep two diapers in the one and I keep my travel wipes case in the other (yes it still all fits when you fold it up and Velcro it shut!!!!

-Small travel bag?

-the bag came with a small Ziploc style thin plastic "clutch". I'm not sure the correct use but ours went quickly from the diaper bag to the floor in the closet because we had no use for it. It might be good to hold baby spoon, Kleenexes, or more wipes.

-Shoulder Strap

-the shoulder strap is about 2 inches across and is a very strong material. The strap came bundled up and very short but it will expand to a length where when it's on my husband's shoulder it will hang directly at his knee. No one should need it that long, but it does have the capability of increasing in length. When shortened completely I would say it sits about a foot above the bag itself


-the color is great!! We went looking for a more masculine bag for the boys and the color is a rich gray-blue with a black accent. The inside is a light gray, and it's got gray piping. It just looks like a manly bag

All in all this bag is absolutely amazing. There are so many compartments to store stuff and even when the bag is full it's still very manageable in size and it doesn't bulge up the way many bags do. The price was a steal, and it's blue and black

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