Monday, July 26, 2010

Losing my CVS virginity

Frugality is a foreign word to me. When I see something I don't check for a coupon or a sales price, if I want it I grab it. No wonder I have credit debt. So I have been reading lately about thrifty frugal moms, and decided maybe it's time to start saving.

My husband thinks I am ridiculous spending the time and effort to cut the coupons hand write the different ways to save (at CVS) and why would I buy something just to buy it. But I think for me it's about knowing I got a good deal, on things we will use sometime in the future if not immediately.

So after all the talk about CVS and their Extra Care Bucks I decided to give it a go.
For detailed directions visit HERE. That site has everything you need to know about using the CVS program to your advantage.

Essentially the point is that there are certain items in their store that if you purchase them with your CVS card you will receive ECB's. This is like instant money that prints up on your receipt. Many women make 4-5 transactions per time in CVS so it is like a math game.

Here is my small start:

What I got:

2 - 12 packs of coke products

1 - box of 96 count size 3 Pampers

1 - Tylenol Precise heat pad

1 - box of 18 count Kotex pads

Total Cost: $23.98 (it's my first time)

Break down:
Transaction 1: Pampers $21.99 (save $2.00) - buy 1 get $10 ECB (like paying $11.99)
Kotex $4.99 - buy 1 get $4.99 ECB (making it free)
COUPON $2 off pampers (from in home flier)
COUPON $1 off kotex (printable online)
TOTAL = $23.98 and I got $14.99 in instant ECB's

Transaction 2: 12 Pack of Coca Cola $2.98 (save $2.41)
12 pack of Dr Pepper $2.98 (save $2.41)
Tylenol Precise Heat Pad $5.99 (save $2.00)
COUPON $1 off Tylenol product (printable online)
ECBS $10.00
IN STORE COUPON $2.00 off Tylenol Precise (only had $0.98 left)
TOTAL = $0.03 cents (cashier rang it up as cash before we paid and said it was $0)

Price without discounts/ coupons/ ECB's = $50.62
total cost with all discounts/ coupons/ ECB's - $23.98 with $6.99 in ECB left!


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