Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baseball Wedding

As you know, when it came time for me to start planning our June wedding, I was flooded with ideas, and themes. I have been planning since I can remember and have folders upon folders on the computer of ideas and the like.

One idea I never thought of for us personally but LOVE is a baseball inspired wedding. We live 45 minutes away from Citizen's Bank Park home of the 2008 World Series Champion Phillies!! It would have been so great to get to say "i do" on home plate.

But if you are like me and can't afford that kind of party, but want a great summer baseball wedding, it doesn't have to be cheesy in any way. Check these pictures out for some inspiration...

using baseball cards as escort cards is a great way to incorporate your favorite team or players in to your theme. If you are going for vintage baseball find vintage cards (they sell for cheap if you're not picky)

finding stationary that can tie the colors and textures of baseball in is a great way to get guests pumped for your big day. According to the bride who bought these, the stitching of the baseball becomes flowers when you open the invitation!

here is a great idea board. Cracker jacks and popcorn are great party favors to pass out to your guests. The bride and groom wearing cleats on an actual base (love it). What about using a scoreboard or something close to use as a directional sign

what about this cute idea for a guest book. Have guests sign individual baseballs with messages for the bride and groom. You could also have them sign a base, either of these you can frame in a shadow box for display purposes.

There are so many inspiration blogs and boards out there for everything from team themed weddings to vintage baseball themes. If you're interested in this theme, the sky is really the limit.


  1. I love the invitations shown here. Where did you find these!? My sister is having a reception at US Cellular field in May and we're thinking of bringing the baseball theme into the shower. These would be great!

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