Friday, September 17, 2010

Frankly Fatherhood

Holiday Pet Peeves

Labor day has come and gone which means one of two thing; neither of which I really understand.
1st - I am no longer allowed to wear white. Someone please explain this to me later.
2nd - it won't be long before i am hearing all about Christmas sales. It's only halfway through September and soon the focus of society will be on a holiday all the way at the end of December. WHY?!?
If you want to forget about Halloween that's fine, it's your call. Personally I haven't dressed up or made a jack-o-lantern in years, but I have never lost sight of the fun in Halloween. Now with my son in my life, I get to relive the fun all over again.
But what I can understand is why Thanksgiving is constantly overlooked.

Soon, the only time I'll hear the word "thanksgiving" is sandwiched in between "after" and "sale".
To say this bothers me would be an understatement. Thanksgiving may just be my favorite holiday. maybe it's because this is the only holiday that truly centers around food. But mostly because of what I really think it means.
To me Thanksgiving means it's time to surround yourself with family and forget about your worries for a while. It's a time to be happy you are spending time with those who are around you, and to remember the times with those who are no longer with you.

How can this holiday be so easily overlooked and thought of in no way other than the day before "Black Friday".
How did Black Friday become a bigger Holiday than Thanksgiving?? I just don't understand. Perhaps I never will. In closing, I ask you please, after Thanksgiving dinner is over, spend an extra half-hour at least with those you are with. Play games, tell jokes, or just sit and talk for a while longer before you run back to the football game on TV or run to the ads to map out your Black Friday onslaught. Football seasons and sales are infinite, holidays with family are not.


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