Friday, September 3, 2010

Frankly Fatherhood

I Pose to You This Question

Warning: The following blog represents the opinion solely of the person
writing this blog and in no way represents the opinions or beliefs of
Miranda or Hart of Stone Crafts.

What has happened lately? When did we as a country become so caught
up in everyone's self-esteem and feelings? Has society gotten soft?
Ok, so that was three questions that I just posed, but I feel like
they are important questions. We have become so obsessed with everyone
feeling great about themselves that it has, in my opinion, become
counter productive. I know some of you, probably most, will disagree
and that's fine but at least keep reading and let me tell you where
I'm coming from.

Now a days parents have to be extremely careful how they
discipline their children. I firmly believe that it is more than OK to
spank a child for misbehaving but many parents won't or don't for some
reason or another. But think about it, if you are my age (26) or older
I'm sure your parents at one time or another spanked you or washed
your mouth out with soap. And more than likely you deserved it. If
someone saw you spank your child now, even if they saw him/her acting out of
control, they would call child services on you for child abuse.
And when did it become necessary to make everyone feel "special"
for showing up and participating? When I was a kid playing sports we
didn't get a trophy because we came out and joined the local Little
League. No, if we got a trophy it was because our team earned it. While
I fully understand that sports are nothing more than games that are
meant to be fun I believe that sports are a great way to teach life
lessons (OK Miranda, stop mocking me so you can finish reading). After
a certain age no one cares if you just show up. You have to be
productive, you have to earn everything. Teachers don't hand out "A's"
because you showed up, you have to work hard and earn your A. You
don't get a job just because you filled out the application and showed
up for your interview. You have to earn it by impressing the potential

And when did we start glorifying losing? Sports should also teach
you not only how to win with class, but lose with dignity and pride.
Which finally brings me to what actually made me want to write this
particular blog. That stupid Pizza Hut commercial with the two boys
talking about how losing is so great because now the coach will take
them out for pizza. THIS IS WRONG PEOPLE!!! Don't make it sound like
losing is the best thing in the world. Don't make it sound like losing
deserves rewards. Losing is a way of bettering one's self. That goes
for sports and life. Losing is a chance to learn from your mistakes
and improve on the things you saw that you did well.
I am in no way saying that it's not OK to lose, it happens, we've all lost at something.
What I'm saying is you have to know that what ever
happened you tried your very best and you learn from the experience
and have faith that you will do better next time.

So I ask again, has society gotten soft? I say yes. Please, tell me what you think.


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