Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We Need Help!!

In high school I was honored to be a part of the Victor Marching Blue Devils. I was part of the colorguard and I loved every minute of it!!

Now my sister is a senior in the colorguard (been in it for 6 years!!), and we need your help. I know I don't have a lot of followers but if you can do this for me and then tell your friends who might have a free second to do this also we would greatly appreciate.

every year the band travels to a national level championship in a different area of the country. This year they are competing in annapolis Maryland at the Naval academy. The band consists of 105 members and at that number the cost of these trips is insane.

They have entered a contest/giveaway for $2,500 and free contacts for the entire band. They submitted their story and need your votes. You can vote daily up til the deadline which is september 6.

-this is their story and entry video (made by my dad). PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

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