Friday, August 20, 2010

~Featured Fathers Friday~

via Nathan, my Husband:

Crafting for the not so Crafty Husband

If your husband/boyfriend is anything like me he is not the craftiest man on the planet. He may wonder why you do things like scrapbook, knit, quilt, sew, build tutus, etc. It’s pretty much the same as when you wonder how we can spend all day watching sports, working on our car, playing video games, etc. But I have found a few ways to be involved with my wife’s crafting without actually having to be crafty. Here is a small list that you can share with your husband/boyfriend if he isn’t doing them already.

1. Watch the baby/child: Take the kid(s) for a car ride or a walk. Take them to the park to play on the swings or the slide. Or just simply take them to the living room

away from where the crafting is taking place. This is especially important if the child is at home all day with mom and hasn’t given her any time to breathe let alone relax. Give her some time alone to relax and craft while you play and talk with your child.

2. If asked a question or for your opinion give an honest answer…the real honest answer: If you are asked about a fabric or color choice, tell her what you think. She may laugh at you or even ignore your opinions from time to time but don’t get mad, she asked for your opinion because she wants you to get involved. More than likely, if she is like my wife, she will go with her own choice in the end anyway, because she feels she

is “better at this stuff”.

man's choice

Women's choice

LADIES: if you ask and don’t like the honest answer we give you, i.e. what looks good in our eyes, don’t get angry with us; remember you asked for an honest answer, and that’s what you got.

3. If she has to go out and get materials for her crafts, go with her. I know, I know, craft stores like Michael’s, A.C. Moore, and JoAnn’s are not exactly the places we like to go just for fun. But it gives you

a chance to spend more time with her and talk about anything and everything, crafts or otherwise. Not to mention it’s a chance to figure out exactly what it is she is

making with all that stuff she’s buying, and hoarding in every free corner of your home.

4. And finally, do your own things…together. One of the things I do is play my video games in the bedroom while my wife is doing her craft projects at her desk, all after our son has gone to sleep. This way we can both be doing something we enjoy, even if it’s not the same thing. This allows us to be in the same place, spending time together.

So there is my list of ways to help the non-crafty man craft with his wife/girlfriend. Hope it helps!


  1. You are so awesome! HAHAHA
    Can you be friend with my husband ?
    He hasn't been in a craft store for 12 years..HAHAHA
    I actually craft in between taking care of the kids in my sitting room. LOL
    Oh well...Cool post! Like when husbands give advices :)
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  2. HAHAHAHHA This is freaken AWESOME!!!! Chuck would die before he contributed to my site!!!!!

  3. oh no, I was shocked Nate agreed but I think i's going to be his little way to get his voice heard!!! Have those guys try it just once!!!

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  6. That's wonderful advice for men Nate! And Miranda... got a good man if he'll post on your blog! Good luck!

  7. thanks, he's getting excited about it!