Friday, August 13, 2010

CVA goodness saved 93%

so another strong venture in to CVS for me and the baby today (my first solo trip) and I was more than prepared.

Coupons in one hand, ad in the other hand and CVS card in my pocket I was ready to brave the elements.
This is a photo of my finds (from top left to bottom right)
-Tylenol Precise Patch
-Garnier Herbashine hair dye
-Garnier Nutrisse hair dye
-Airwick I motion mini
-Schick 3 hydro razor
-Schick shave gel
-Large Garnier Fructis shampoo
-Skintimate shave gel
-Visine tears
-Suave deoderant

Here's the break down:
Transaction 1: Dulcolax $9.99 (saved $3.00)
coupon for $4.00 off
used 5.99 worth of ECB's
Total: FREE and I got $9.99 back in ECBs

Transaction 2: Hydro 3 razor $8.97 (saved $0.02)
Tylenol Precision $7.99
coupon for $5.00 off razor
coupon for $2.00 off tylenol
used $9.96 in ECBs
Total: FREE and I got 4 ECBs for the razor and 3 ECBs for the tylenol = 7

Transaction 3: Fructis shampoo $5.00 (same price as smaller bottle) (saved $2.79)
Nutrisse Hair Dye $6.00 (saved $2.49)
Herbashine Hair Dye $6.00 (saved $2.49)
Schick shave gel $3.99
(deal was spend $15 on garnier and get $5.00 ECB)
coupon for $2.00 off HerbaShine hair dye
coupon for $2.00 off nutrisse hair dye
coupon for $1.00 off Garnier Fructis shampoo
coupon for free shave gel (from the package for the razor in Trans 2)
used $7.00 ECBs
Total: $5.30 and I got $5.00 back

Transaction 4: Visine tears $3.99 (saves $2.80)
Skintimate shave gel $1.99 (saves $1.20)
Airwick mini $4.99 (saved $5.00)
Suave deoderant $0.99 (saved $0.40)
coupon for $2.00 off any visine
coupon for $1.00 off skintimate shave gel
coupon for $4.00 off airwick mini/refills
used $4.96 ECBs
Total: FREE

I got $80.09 worth of product for $5.30 which = a 93% savings (assuming my math is right)


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