Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mindless Weekend/Marketing Monday

I have been so mindless this weekend I have literally had nothing to blog about.

The family and I went yard saling Saturday and I discovered a lovely footstool with storage compartment for $5. I also found a cute crayon roll tutorial online and spent so much more money than I should have this weekend.

in the following week you should expect to see:
-recipe for easy peasy shrimp "stir fry"
-crayon roll tutorial and my outcome
-the start of the footstool makeover
-edition 2 of "Featured Fathers Friday" of "fatherhood friday" or maybe "Frankly Fatherhood"
-Wordless Wednesday
and maybe more!!!

Keep watching!

PS frugal deal of the day: 2 Glade scented oil twin packs, and a scented oil holder (with two oils included) for $5!!!

PPS as an add on we will try The Trendy Treehouse's Marketing Monday!!

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