Monday, August 2, 2010

Floor Cushion - I Did It!

If you haven't been over to "The Crafty Charlestonian" blog yet, stop reading and sprint on over (or click). She has amazing blogs about every topic imaginable. One of these blogs was "a land of Nod inspired floor Cushion". The idea came from another blogger who is also a must follow, "Living With Punks".

The tutorial for these cushions can be found HERE

I have never used a sewing machine outside of a small pillow project in Home and Careers, and even when I attempted sewing a scrap piece of material to test out my new sewing machine it was a bust. never-the-less they said this was an easy strep by step tutorial and even a novice could do it, so I decided to try.

What I used:

-1 yard of upholstery fabric (finding a boy pattern was hard) - on sale for $6.99

-2 packages of pre-made piping (i had to buy twice because I had no idea what to find... what you want is the bias tape with maxi piping (usually near zippers). Joann carries Wrights brand and it's around $2 a package

-thread (it's good to have a contrasting color from your material and a matching color (to finish)

-16-24 ox fiberfill (wal-mart/joann). The 16 ox bags are like $4 but I like a lot of stuffing (luckily I had a ton lying around from my wedding)

---total cost ~$20 for everything

go HERE and read the tutorial, and here's what i made!!!!

it's roughly 17" across and 9" high. I'm not near my normal computer so there aren't more photos to show you (long story) but this came out so adorable. Of course I stuffed mine to the brim with fiberfill but you can leave yours a little more pliable.

I also didn't leave the handle as slack as I should have in order to carry but it still works.

I will make one small adjustment. When you cut the big strip to go around, I would sew the handle on first, instead of later as you will notice in the tutorial, especially if you are short on room and/or talent like me.

ENJOY, and if any of you make one please share it with me!!!

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